The collection Teatro by EPOCA Wallcoverings (Italy)



A collection of textile wallcoverings TEATRO is a real theatre, filling the interior with irresistible spirit of expressive Italian life. The collection has been inspired by the most famous Italian opera house Teatro alla Scala with its exquisite chandeliers, fresco paintings, fretted ceilings and heavy velvet portieres.

The collection is full of complex elements which are in a harmony with each other: classic damasks, flowers de luce (armorial lilies ), gentle stripes, geometric motives all these designs are created in jacquard weaving technique.


Intensive colour palette consists of 15 colours, which complement the motives of the collection in a really esthetic way: the interior seems to be filled with luxury, playing with hues of noble gold, silver, malachite, flashes of rubies, topazes and emeralds.

The fact that the main component of the tissue is viscose (80%) results in a magnificent chameleonic effect, which makes your walls play with new colours every day, depending on the lighting.


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