The new exclusive collection of Wallpapers Ceylon (USA)

Decaro presents a new collection of designer wallpaper Ceylon, which in its thematic focus and bright identity has no analogues!
The Ceylon collection is one of the brightest and most original collections in the line of catalogues, distributed byDecaroin Russiaexclusively.
All Ceylon designs are incredibly relevant,correspond to the latest trends in the world of high interior fashion. The Ceylon collection in its thematic focus and bright identity has no analogues.


Particularly impressive designs in exotic colonial style, thatwas born at the crossroads of the two worlds - the East and the West. Wooden trunks, woven items, mirrors, carved plates, exotic vegetation and the natural shades: ochre, gold, terracotta, olive – Ceylon wallpapers very subtly highlight the diversity of colonial interior decor.
Ceylon conquers people with very different tastes and style preferences. Ceylon is an exceptional collection of designs to create the interiors in ethnic and colonial styles.
For 90% of the Ceylon items Decarokeeps a constant stock program.
You can find much additional information about Ceylon in our catalogue.