Tiffany Design

TIFFANY it has become the synonym fordelicate style and pure taste as this is the way the most famous diamond in the world is called...

DECARO company presents its new exclusive original wallpaper brand TIFFANY DESIGN (Belgium). The factory cooperates with well-known European and American designers and design studios. Each collection is a designer and original one.

One of these outstanding collections is Crystal Light catalogue. The collection has been developed by a well-known European designer and photographer Lia Vio. The idea of this collection is play of light and shadow together with texture. Wallpapers with noble patina effect, traditional for TIFFANY DESIGN usage of opalescent rainbow glass create a 3-D effect, enlarging the space of your interior. Black Pearl collection is an enigma collection which has inside itself magic and mystery of black pearls. Its original wallpaper collection by Francesco Rossi. Its concept is perfection of shape and colour.

In this collection classical ornaments are brought to perfection. Ideal proportions, compound colours, rich textures and unique technique of production cant leave anyone untouched.
No wonder that Black Pearlwallpaper collection has been edited only a year after the first presentation in order to reach perfection: Francesco Rossi, its designer, was eager to create the ideal of classical style.